Shamba Shape Up (English) - Tomatoes, Irrigation, Maize

Uploaded on: 07 May 2012  |   Duration: 0:29:40
Category: Development Issues > Agriculture

This episode looks at growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, water irrigation, treating maize before storing, solar power and insuring cattle.


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Comments on "Shamba Shape Up (English) - Tomatoes, Irrigation, Maize"

  • must we use the chemicals? are there other more natural ways to preserve crops without the use of chemicals? I am thinking of organic farming? From MsNairobi
  • can you get my dad on shamba shape up? he has a huge farm , 50 acres, and needs to see results, help contribute to more jobs for the poor in western Kenya... how does one get him and his brothers on the show? this is a great show... keep it up Kenya, but is spraying tomatoes with chemicals when the world is going organic, is this the only way to solve this? From MsNairobi

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