Makutano Junction S09Ep08

Uploaded on: 05 Feb 2013  |   Duration: 0:26:19
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Shani seeks advice on safe sex and Toni resorts to desperate and dangerous measures to fix her pregnancy problem…

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  • is there real a reason why one has to go on and abort? I hate the fact that girls are so selfish to an extent of having unprotected sex and resort to abortion afterwards.  From David Ngocho
  • U r rite @XzibitJoe that guy shud be jailed....but also da gurls need to seek medical attention & counselling first before taking extreme measures ;(  From Adrine Mathu
  • the doctor that try's to do abortion on people needs to get caught & put in jail for life he endanger young girls life & hurt them From Xzibit Joe
  • From Xzibit Joe

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