Shamba Shape Up (English) - Chickens, Post-Harvest Losses, Cows

Uploaded on: 31 Mar 2015  |   Duration: 0:24:22
Category: Development Issues > Agriculture

We are on Christina’s farm, in Mulala Village Tanzania, where we are learning about keeping chickens, minimising post-harvest losses, dairy cows, planting crops & doing a soil test.


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  • This is another great video, I am a huge fan of this show. From Mika Lee
  • If you can get this where you are at, i would use this mixed with the maize instead of the pestisides, Diatomaceous earth , they feed it cows to deworm, and when bugs get it on them it cuts them up. only thing is you dont want to breath it. Its made of ground up sea shells, and has a thousand uses. From raistbun wilson