About Us

Africa Knowledge Zone is a comprehensive site where all of Mediae’s 'edu-tainment’ programmes and clips can be found.

The shows, which include Shamba Shape Up, Makutano Junction and Know Zone are educative and entertaining television shows for the East African audience. They have highly researched content and two-way engagement ensures that we consistently serve and sustain huge, diverse audiences.

Using our SMS service and social media within all our productions has proved highly popular and with the rising use of and access to the Internet, social media such as Facebook and YouTube are proving invaluable extensions to this two-way relationship with audiences. Our digital platform, the Africa Knowledge Zone is where clips from productions will be grouped by theme to provide an e-learning resource for audiences.

Using the Africa Knowledge Zone can be a useful tool to learning and educating all group and ages. Use the 'search’ tool to find out more about a specific topic from a show. This can include anything from 'Making Silage’ to 'Understanding TB’ to 'Know Your Numbers!’

To learn more, please visit our website at www.mediae.org